Do Americans need English lessons??

Do Americans need English lessons??

Do Americans really need English lessons??

Before you start to look for the answer, a short disclaimer- this question goes to the Canadians too!! Now, before we start, can you tell me, what is the similarity between the USA and her close neighbor Canada?

Well, despite being well developed, powerful nations and members of the elite G-7 group they both have a lot more in common- 99% education, Niagara Falls and of course, ENGLISH.

Although English is an official language in both of the countries (Canada has Spanish as her 2nd official language), both countries have a huge diaspora of the Hispanic population.

And speaking about diaspora, both countries welcome thousands of migrants, students and business ventures every year. This very fact itself says that both countries are indeed a paradise for ambitious people all across the globe.

The language problem-

These days, there so many students from all across the world who want to study and settle in the USA or Canada.

The real fact is, the language problem is not just a problem of the foreign students studying abroad; but also, of the American and Canadian citizens themselves! It would be hard for you to believe, but really.

The more people are making distance with classic English, the more they are shifting away from their speaking and writing skills. And they don’t even realize it in the beginning.

With the increase in the use of social networking sites people tend to use a new type of English with words like “hashtags”, “selfies”, “beat” (for makeup), "story" (not from your typical storybook) and acronyms like ASAP, LMO, LIT, IHNI, ADIH, etc.

Not only the new words and acronyms are invented but also the spellings of the regular words have been changed, such as "txt" for “text” and "B4" for “before”, “2mro” for “tomorrow”, “4U” for “for you” … the list is too long.

It won’t be wrong in saying that people today don’t even remember the spellings and range of vocabularies than their previous generations. The intensive use of social media has not only changed the actual spellings of the words, but it has also affected the way any formal sentence is framed.

For example, sentences like "hit me up”, or “keep it 100”. Obviously, any typical American would get the real meaning of these types of sentences but you seriously can’t use it while speaking or writing to anyone who is not an American. This would not just confuse the person but would seriously give an impact of unprofessionalism.

The reason I am discussing this problem is that one of my Facebook friends who is from the USA, discussed this problem with me a few days back. we were discussing the public speaking skills and after sometimes we switched to the writing skills and she told me that the latest trend of social media has deteriorated the way youth today are speaking, reading and writing. She told me that she has to spend a lot of time editing her work and most of her time goes in correcting the mistakes of her documents that writing the actual content.

Well, this problem is not new to me since English is not my first language. I also go through the same problem. luckily, I knew about this very effective tool in the market which has become a life savior for millions of people around the world- “Grammarly.

To those people who don’t know about Grammarly already, Grammarly is a fast, reliable and efficient writing tool like MS- word but both of them are entirely different from each other. Grammarly is a platform where we can edit our content and check for spelling mistakes, suitable synonyms, we can frame beautiful, catchy and presentable sentences and of course, we can check for the correct grammar for our content.

You’ll be able to directly access Grammarly’s writing suggestions from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and most other sites on the web.

I told my friend about Grammarly. though she had heard about it before, she never did actually give a thought about using it for even once. I told her to try at least a trial version to see the difference in her writing skills. She eventually thought to give it a try and installed Grammarly that very day.

“Well, I know English, why I’d need Grammarly anyway?”

Yes, this question would indeed come to your mind. But, as have explained already, in this era of globalization, people tend to follow the language trend of social media.

The problem comes when they have to write standard documents for school, college professional works. Since people have become so habitual with this social media language, it becomes annoying when they involuntary use silly acronyms, spellings and sentences which they use casually in the digital world. There comes the time, when most of us wish for a Grammar Inspector, don't we? 😉

Top reasons to switch to Grammarly-

  1. Grammarly provides you instant spelling checks.
  2. It helps you to choose better words with a list of vocabulary it provides
  3. It also helps you to frame standard sentences.
  4. It corrects you for proper verbs, tense and time.
  5. It also corrects you for proper punctuation.

How can Grammarly accelerate your career!! 

We all live in the world of competition, and it is a fact that you just don't get a class one job in countries like the USA and Canada JUST LIKE THAT!

Getting a good job requires hard work and dedication in the college and getting into the finest universities and colleges again requires hard work and dedication in the school. But no matter where you start from, the most important thing is to start the moment you realize that it is high time to start!

Grammarly can help you with your error-free assignment, reports, resume no matter if you are a high school student, college student, college fresher or a working profession. You can get an error-free and professional document within moments.

Also, Using Grammarly is very easy. When you add the Grammarly extension to your browser, you’ll be able to directly access Grammarly’s writing suggestions from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and most other sites on the web.


Like any educated and well-developed countries, the Americans and the Canadians invest pretty much in personal development.

Different people invest in different varieties of self-improvement domains, be it weight loss programs, public seminars or self-help books.

And when it comes to writing skill improvement, well it would be quite interesting for you to know that Grammarly is the leading writing tool in the world which has changed the lives of millions of people in different ways.

It is not just for students; it is for everyone who communicates with many people for their business growth. See it as your personally hired grammar inspector- available for you, anytime, anywhere! A few dollar investments to improve your writing skills could surely fuel your ambition. Doesn't matter what you are- a blogger, scriptwriter, artist, engineer, teacher, language translator, or whatnot; you will find Grammarly as your life savior.

My Content-writer friend from the USA still uses Grammarly. She is glad that she took my advice and installed Grammarly. She has even started using the premium version to utilize even more features that Grammarly offers. With Grammarly, her work has become very easy. Now she focuses more on her content rather than spending time on editing and correction.

Now once again, Do Americans need English lessons?? Well, Now you can decide it better.

And if the answer is Yes. So, what are you waiting for! Explore Grammarly today

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