How to improve English writing skills

How Student/Fresher Can improve English Writing Skills

Have you ever been in any situation where you have made a blunder mistake while speaking English or misspelled any word in a business chatting with an abroad client?

Well, if you are from India, especially small towns and cities and if you have studied in a typical CBSE school, I am sure you have had encountered such embarrassing problems. Being a student from one such school, I can relate to you.

There used to be many occasions like inter-school competitions or even regular school competitions, where I always avoided participating in any essay or debate competition.

The problem was, I was unable to frame English sentences.

The problem became more annoying when I became a teenager and the Facebook craze had just started then. People used to comment on any post in English confidently and I just used to wonder, when would the day come when I would also speak and chat in English!!

When I used to read English newspapers, I used to think- when would I write articles like these? Gradually I realized that in order to speak good English, I should be a good reader first and for that, I should know at least the basics of English.

But, knowing is one thing and observing is another. I knew the grammar but couldn’t implement it on proper time at proper places while framing sentences. Honestly, I was struggling with my own English sentences and one could actually see that while reading. 

There have been situations where I used a fancy English word to impress people and it turned out exactly different from what I actually meant. No offense, but we all do this, don’t we? 😉 

As time passed, I started reading the interviews of businessmen, actors and other people. I observed how they used to frame sentences and I used to write down the new words I read for the first time.

Even after listing these words, I struggled with my English since I didn’t know how to and where to put these fancy words in my sentences. The problem continued when I got enrolled in higher education programs and I had to prepare reports, write the synopsis and introduction parts of the reports and the projects. 
Luckily, I found Grammarly and things changed after this.

How I come to know about Grammarly?

With a quest to learn a bit about basic English grammar, one day I searched for some YouTube videos and co-incidentally a YouTube ad of Grammarly appeared on my screen.

For those who don’t know about Grammarly- It is an online grammar checker scans your text for all types of mistakes, from typos to sentence structure problems and beyond. It’s a comprehensive writing tool that helps you write a clear, flawless text that will impress your readers. You’ll be able to directly access Grammarly’s writing suggestions from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and most other sites on the web.

It is a writing tool like MS- word but both of them are entirely different from each other.

Grammarly is a platform where we can edit our content and check for spelling mistakes, suitable synonyms, it can frame beautiful, catchy and presentable sentences and of course, it can check for the correct grammar for our content. 

And the most exciting thing about Grammarly is that it is available for free. Later, I thought to give it a try. The steps were really very easy.

Steps for setting up Grammarly on your computer

First, I Visit Grammarly after searched on google. The home page was really nice and appealing. There was a link to add the extension to my chrome browser for free. I clicked on that link and added it.

I was asked to create a free account. It was kind of boring for me but they also have this facility to continue the process with Google and Facebook.

Therefore, I continued with my google account 😊.

You just have to enter your Google password to log in and voila!! You are done. You get the home page of your account right In-front of you. 

How To use Grammarly

Using Grammarly is very easy. The front end is really very user-friendly. Even an std 2 kid can use it perfectly.

When you add the Grammarly extension to your browser, you’ll be able to directly access Grammarly’s writing suggestions from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and most other sites on the web.

You also get the option to upload your file to the portal. As simple as that! When you get your document uploaded, you get all your mistakes underlined.

On the right-hand side, you can see the mistakes and proposed corrections by Grammarly. Just click on those corrections and step by step, get your whole document error-free.

Whatever mistake that could be- from spelling mistakes to missing hyphen; from capitalizing the initials to changing the phrases- everything would be corrected in a fraction of second.

Try the online editor for checking longer papers and essays, the iOS or Android app for mobile writing, and the browser extension to make sure your writing is clear and mistake-free on any website.

Grammarly’s writing tools are designed to work where you do—on your phone and your computer, in your web browser or your word processor.

How this tool turns out to be a lifesaver for me

I have a dream to write columns in some of the prestigious newspaper like “The Hindu” and “The Times of India”. I had written multiple articles in my college days but never mailed them to these newspapers because I wasn’t confident enough with my English.

My thoughts and views and knowledge which I wanted to share with the society was going in the waste just because I wasn’t confident enough with my English. But today, things have changed very much.

I am very much confident about my English. Grammarly has not just improved my writing skills, it has also tutored me to improve my English.

I learned many things while correcting my errors and now I can frame beautiful English sentences with confidence and hence I can speak better than before English as well. This is a bonus indeed. 

Though, there are a few limitations-

Since Grammarly is an artificial intelligence tool Afterall, it cannot take the place of a professional editor. For example- when I write BMW, Volvo and Kawasaki- it put a comma after Volvo which is not necessary when I have already put an “and” after Volvo. Also, when I write “everyone”, it takes it as an error and put a space between “every” and “one”. 

My suggestion to the High School Students and the college freshers:

I wouldn’t say that you should make Grammarly your ultimate tool for learning English or editing your documents.

There are exceptions everywhere, hell in your software codes too! Nothing is perfect and no approach is 100% correct but instead of just sitting down somewhere and lowering your self-confidence, you get a chance to improve your writing at a great scale, you get to extend your vocabulary in such a short duration all for free.

So, why not give it a try?

I would suggest to all the school and college students to try Grammarly at least once and see the improvement in their English by themselves.

You can even buy the advance versions later in your life and get much more facilities to help you to go to the zenith of your career. I know, most of you would think- “why should I go for a paid version”? see, you don’t even mind-blowing your hard-earned money to movies and parties. So why not invest a small amount on something that would help you to improve in your life in some way? Think about it. 

20 million people are already using it. so what are you thinking when it’s free?? Join Grammarly and start your journey to your life goals already!

Explore Grammarly today and take a step closer to your dreams.

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