How to become a good writer?

As an author by profession, I know what a human editor can bring to the table but at the same time, I know time taking it is.

So here I am sharing my experience of one of my favorite partners in my journey as a content writer/author.

A journey of a girl from a student to a professional content writer.

And as a writer on of the most difficult part is how to make sure my writing is error-free.

Last year, I found my boss using Grammarly. He was using it as a grammar and spelling checker for proofreading his mails and sales articles.

 That day I search for Grammarly on google and learn everything about it.

And after one month from that day, I have convinced myself for installing Grammarly on my system.

Later I started using it regularly for proofreading my work – and it helps me like my mother correcting every small mistake.

Today I freelancer content writer. And currently, I am writing to three big firms in my city. The first one is the best advertising agency in my city, second on is the most creative event management company in my city, and the third one is the successful leader as an Education Consultant for the past 17 years.

I’m not writing this blog to share how you can be a good content writer.

I’m writing to tell you how you can use Grammarly in your journey of becoming a good writer. Not only as a writer, but this tool can also be very beneficial for you in your career irrespective of your stream.

No matter what kind of writing you might be doing – professional writing, casual writing, hobby writing – Grammarly can help you with your emails, social media posts, blogs, and formal papers.

No matter what’s your life goal is, you need good writing skill and Grammarly might be the answer for you.


Whatever your goal is, you will surely want to write error-free.

So here I’m sharing why you should be in a relationship with  Grammarly.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you check for several types of errors.

It offers customized Checks For More Than 30 Different Document Types. Eliminate grammar errors. Easily improve any text. Services: Advanced Grammar Rules, Contextual Spell Checker, Vocabulary Enhancement, Plagiarism Checker, Corrects Writing Mistakes.


Grammarly offers several features that help you learn as you write: 


Clarity - Grammarly’s clarity suggestions will help you learn how few words you really need to say what you mean. Whether writing an email, letter, application, blog - you need to write it beautiful and attractive.


Grammarly detects plagiarism, by comparing your writing to billions of web pages across the web.

Confidence - As stated, “the first impression is the last impression”. And writing is the first step in creating a beautiful relationship with anyone. When you write beautifully it will create a great impression of yours and it leads to confidence. And this confidence can go a long way.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation 

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks are what you probably know Grammarly for. But when you use Grammarly, we don’t just help you figure out where the comma goes, we tell you why. Reading the details of the correctness alerts in the Grammarly Editor can help you learn more from your mistakes.


Easy to understand explanations

Grammarly doesn’t just tell you when something is wrong. While that would totally be okay, this program goes a step further with explanations so you can understand in order to learn and improve.


Definitions and synonyms

Everyone has their writing quirks, and these often come out through words you frequently use. In an effort to switch things up, you might try to use words you’re unsure about. When you double-click a word in the Grammarly Editor, different definitions of the word, as well as synonyms for each definition, will appear underneath. You can find not only synonyms for your words but also the nuances of what those synonyms mean.

Where Grammarly can be used? 

Browser extensions

MS Word and MS Outlook add-in

Google Docs support

Native apps for Window and macOS

Keyboard for iOS and Android


So why wait, when it’s free.

Get Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker Now

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